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If you want a cocktail like for your children or don’t drink alcohol, we have tons of great mocktail recipes for any occasion. Mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks that are often designed to imitate regular cocktails minus the alcohol. Some of the most well-known and most loved mocktails include the virgin bloody Mary and virgin piña colada.

Mocktails or non-alcoholic cocktails allow you to enjoy a “fun” drink that has none of those extremely not fun health consequences. Drinking too much alcohol long term or even just on a single occasion can really negatively affect the health of your body. Unlike a cocktail party, a mocktail party won’t leave you hangover and miserable the next day.

Pregnant women, people on specific medications or with chronic illnesses, designated drivers, children and even the most devout prohibitionists can all enjoy mocktails, making your next party or dinner gathering exceptionally enticing to drinkers and those who don’t drink alcohol alike.

Mocktails containing citrus fruits and veggies like tomatoes and carrots also keep your skin healthy and glowing, by preventing sun damage and early signs of skin aging.


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