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Lumiere wedding company is always the first choice for every person who are getting to married in the near future. Lumiere is now a trademark in wedding but we are less known about the hands behind it. The journey of the Manager Director of Lumiere group,  Mr Vinish, is an inspiration one for all the youth who are running after the white collared jobs. Lumiere’s growth is not restricted to India, now it has its clients from Europe and even from Arab nations. They are doing every traditional wedding patterns which includes Chinese Wedding, Arabic Wedding, Kerala Traditional Wedding and many more. Proposal video is the new trend now in wedding and there is no doubt that such a brilliant idea came from brilliant minds and the person behind it is Mr Vinish. The beginning of Lumiere group is marked by a Facebook page “Lumiere Wedding Company” created by Vineesh’s close friend Ramshad and from the support given by his brother. The journey of a man doing normal wedding works to Lumiere wedding company will be interesting and it will be great to know about it from the person behind that itself. Today we have Mr Vinish Thomas with us in Celebrity Live to share his life story with us.

The Beginning ?

To be frank i was not interested in photography during by childhood. I don’t even had any idea about it. There was a huge financial crisis after my Father’s death. At that time i was in my 8th grade and even my brother was also studying. I can’t even think of sending my mother to work. In that circumstances i started going with a person in my place who is into wedding works as a light boy. After one year i got a wedding work unexpectedly. It was a actually committed by another photographer but they cannot make it so that a friend of mine give it to me at the same cost. I did that wedding without any luxury in MD 900 camera which was rented for Rs 250. This was my first work done individually. Actually I learned everything about camera cast from Maria studio owner Jinson through phone.

How into Lumiere Wedding Company ?

Renil- Sheba couple

After a long break, i started doing videography and did many works and even faced numerous criticism. In 2010 a new wedding company was started in partnership with friends but it ended up due to some communication problems among the partners even the company earned profit. I was completely clueless and opted to go for some other works but it was Ramshad who gave me the idea of starting a wedding company individually. Ramshad is an Engineer and is the Founder of Lumiere Wedding Company. Its astonishing that we named Lumiere sitting in the veranda of my house and  thus the facebook page got created. It is also from the great support from my brother Juneesh Thomas which paved the beginning of the Lumiere Wedding Company

Our first work was done for Renil- Sheba couple who have now a place in Lumiere wedding company. They gave us an opportunity even there are many wedding companies. The wedding location was at Nilamboor. During the starting, it was only my brother, Ramshad and Stephin Joy with me. Ramshad was the administrator, client dealing and social media operator at that time. Though it was our first attempt, we planned to do something creative and did the outdoor in Dubai and it got great result.

Wedding Story of Romy & Meera

Two Passionate souls they were, indeed;They always loved being together;They always danced together;And indeed it was a pleasure to see them laugh together;Watch them come together;to be together through the magical frames of lumière.Stay Blessed Romy & Meera

Posted by Lumiere Wedding Company on Friday, August 12, 2016

Our next work was for Emil and Jessica. At that time proposal video  was not popular in Kerala. Jessica was a US citizen and it was her first visit to India and we hosted a surprise proposal video in Oberon Mall. We tried our best to bring some kind of variety in every wedding. Within 4 months we created an address and Lumiere became a trademark in Kerala Traditional wedding.

My house was our office during the early years. Later on we rented a house in Kathrikadavu and we made a set accordingly and by 2015 end, we shifted our office to Gold Souke. Now we have an office in Bypass road which was started few months back. Now we have around 60 staffs. Now we are doing high profile clients work and our work includes photography, videography and event management. We always try to bring some element of variety in our works so that we are invited to do works around the globe. There are many best memories but the first two weddings and the wedding of  Romi- Meera wedding have special place in my heart. It was a English themed wedding. We got a Arabic-Marathi wedding from Dubai through social media. Actually in that wedding, the outside men were restricted but we convinced them and did our work. Another one was Pakistani wedding but it is really hard to conduct weddings there.

Future Plans? Goals and Aims ?

Vinish Thomas with his friend Ramshad (Late)

The great loss in my life is the death of my father and Ramshad. It was the effort of Ramshad who worked as an engineer in Kuwait made the Dubai office possible. He completely joined with me as a partner quiting his job. Ramshad’s death was a bike accident 2 years back. He was a bike craze and it took his life after the way from a wedding conducted in Nilamboor. His death was a great loss for me. His emotional and physical support was priceless. Even the Dubai office work also got diminished and its started only 6 months before again. Its  with the partnership of Kisham Muhammed, a close friend of Ramshad, the works started again.

Vinish Thomas with his mother

My mother’s happiness is one of my great pleasure. By God’s grace now I have 6 cars including BMW, an office and numerous staffs. I traveled every country except Europe for work purpose. My next aim is tostart an office in US and hopefully can be done in this year itself. There are three partners for event company including me and the hard work and effort of every person in this group is mentionable. Don, Martin, Greto, My brother Juneesh, Stephin a person who helped me during the early ages are my support and my backbone.

My father died during my childhood. He worked in a toddy shop. There was a huge financial crises after my father’s death. I discontinued my education in my 8th grade to support my family. Later on I took SSLC from Ernakulam MGM Tutorial college. At that time i worked in shipyard canteen and later on in production also. Shipyard Secretary Mr Murali support alot. With the help of Union workers i started doing work for PKT company as a worker. By that time I passed SSLC with 246 marks even it is hard to study in the midst of the works committed. I never allowed my mom to go for work. Later on I deviated my path to videography and now i am financially well settled. My Mom is the most happiest person in my success and i have to thank God  for everything.

Vinish Thomas & his family

My brother started working in Beverage but was completely unhappy about it. Its the financial crises made him to work there and later on he quit the job and joined with me and now work as Lumiere’s out work manager.

I am married. She is Anitha and have a son named Ethan. My mom and my wife are my great support.  I met my wife during a wedding work we ended up in love and then marriage. My mom’s name is Ani Thomas and my father was Thomas. My brother is also married and have 2 kids. I live in the same house even though renovation is done

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