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Sameera Saneesh is a notable name in the film industry nowadays. Even in the peak period of her success she is a down to earth person. In a very short span of time she had done costume design for more than 70 movies in 7 years and even she have a Limca Record for that. Sameera came to the film field when actually no women took the initiative for that and her growth was noticeable as a costume designer. She spread her threads of color into the film industry and now she is one of the inevitable part of the field. At the age of 32, She is still the same girl who is thrilled to watch her name in the big screen and that charm is still there when she share her life with us.

“My success seems to be accidental for me and i don’t even dreamed of this. I never believed that i would have a space for me in the film industry. However i became a part of this. I came to this field without any dream or passion and i believe i get too much than i expected. Now i believe hard work of mine wont be left in vague and i am so happy for that. I will be the same person as always and nothing changed me”


Mammooka, my all time favourite

I came into film industry through ad films and i did my first Ad film with the producer Dinesh Nair after completing my studies. Later on i did so many custom designs for various companies ad films. In between i worked with the director Ijaz khan for the hindi movie White Elephant which opens the door of film industry to me. After that i did Daddy Cool and that work with Ashique Abu actually is the starting point to my growth as a costume designer. I got the luck to design for Mammooka even in the first movie itself. I was in a mixture of emotions when i work for him though he pave a lot of interest in his costumes and fashion trends but Mammooka liked my designs a lot. Later i did costume designs for Best Actor, Pranchiettan and Cobra with him. Ever dress suits him and that is his plus point. He encourages me and that i believe that is the best award for me.

Comrade In America !

Here's a little scene from #CIA #ComradeInAmerica

Posted by Sameera Saneesh on Saturday, May 13, 2017


Varieties. my identity

The crucial effort is needed to make all the movies costumes in variety. Every actors took great initiative to design there costumes according to their characters. Repetition will even affect the success of the movie and i always try to do some varieties in all my movies and i believe that is everyone belief in me. Iyobinte Pushtakam was really tough for me and i got great appreciation for that which gave me more confidence. Tension is my weak point but ones i get into an activity tension wont affect that. My great tension is at the time of the movie release. Nowadays audience have keen interest in the costumes of the actors and i have to impress both the actors and the audience. My success lies upon the success of the movie and the imitation of the costumes from that. If its not well all my effort will go in vein. Passion of me towards drawing contributed a lot to me as a costume designer. I learned drawing and painting during my childhood but need to take a break for that after my degree and turned my interest towards fashion designing. I completed fashion designing from National Institute of Fashion Design Kochi with first rank. I rarely get time for drawing nowadays. I have a collection of my drawing and have a dream to conduct an exhibition in the future.

Saneesh, my better half

I came to film industry after my marriage and my biggest support is my husband Saneesh. He is my backbone. During my childhood, my Mom was my support. Its only because of Saneesh i have this much support in this field. I wont be in this place if he is not a person like this. I am from Ernakulam. My Father is Ibhrahim and my mother is Jameela. They are the ones who support my talents. I don’t have any dreams further and love to accept things as it comes.


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