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Jayasurya, who portrays the character Shaji Pappan in the comedy entertainer, has already set a trend among the people in Kerala with his attire in the original. The actor wears a different dhoti in the sequel. It has been designed by his wife Saritha Jayasurya. The two coloured vesti is setting a new trend among Keralites.

In Aadu Oru Bheegara Jeeviyanu directed by Mithun Manual Thomas, Jayasurya was seen in a black kurta teamed up with crimson red mundu. But In Aadu 2, Shaji Pappan admires the viewers by adding a a dash of colour in the dhoti. The colourful mundu in black, red, pink and brown adds a modern twist to the traditional attire of the malayali men. Another striking feature of those colourful mundu that Jayasurya’s character wears in Aadu 2 is that it has one colour when worn loose and features another hue when it is draped up.

The fashion scene in Kerala has always been influenced by the reigning trends in cinema. As much as the viewrs admires the movies, they also love to wear the kind of clothes that their idols worn of the big screen

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