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Today, food is an exercise in biochemistry. We don’t pick ingredients – we choose between “good” and “bad” carbs. Words like “gluten” and “probiotics” are part of our everyday conversations. Cooking is a battleground between health fads and culinary show. It’s time to uncomplicate food. It’s time to rediscover the joy of cooking. Banglore based iD bought a new revolution in food industry. iD is founded in 2006 and they always been about preserving the tradition of Indian cooking.  They started out with one small store and a lot of big dreams. Now, they serve homes across the country and Middle East. Their motto has always been to serve fresh and home-made food to everyone.

Vada is a savoury fried snack from India. The perfect way to make the perfect vadas – crisp and golden on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside. A delicious traditional breakfast, made ready with an instant mix batter.  The vada is an age old snack with an age old proble that is of shaping it, with the hole intact. ID Fresh Food has come up with a squeeze and fry pack that will form the vada as the batter is squeezed through the spout. The company makes a range of readymade idli and dosa batter and other convenience foods.

The company even experimented with ready to fry vada shaped dough packed in a tray. That failed. Next came a spout through which the vada could be dispensed. What emerged was just a round blob, the hole in the centre still missing. After some modification and re-engineering of the spout, the company got it right.  The pack is priced ₹80 for 375 gm and can yield 10 vadas.


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