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Nirmala Sreevivasan, the former sensor board member, actress, dancer and teacher who is well known with her single movie “Oru Cherupunchiri” who is ready to come again with her movie “Nani” have a lot to share about the film industry of her period. She shares her instincts, assumptions and finding about most of the actors of her time. She shared her vision about the various film styles, movie stories, hairstyles, costumes, makeup and about the current movies in an exclusive interview given for Flive.

Nirmala Sreenivasan in the interview for flive said that malayalam films was her favourite eventhough she sensored most of the Indian language films.” Malayalam movies had an originality” she said. “Sharadha lives in the character” she added. “Jayalalitha was a good actress but she gave more importance to her costumes than her acting” she remembered. “Kamala Hasan’s full focus was in acting and he lived as the character” she shared. “Mammoty always have a style which he keeps up” she said with her touching smile. “All hairstyle suits Srividhya and the hairstyles increase her beauty” she shared .She said she was so thankful to MT Vasudevan Nair to give her an opportunity for acting though it was her passion.

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