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Namitha Pramod is an established actress in film industry. With her talent and beauty she conquer the heart of the audience. Even though she is a beautiful actress, she always prove that she has a wonderful reasoning power also. Her stand points were always strong and once she said or do something, she put her heart hundred percentage into it. She has many followers in social media as well. But the latest news spreading is about a celebration she conducted.

Namitha celebrated the first birthday of her pet dog Poppo for which she gets into trouble. The celebration makes her get a lot of trolls and abuses in the social media. Many advised her to do some charity instead. But for this also, the gorgeous Namitha have a wonderful answer for all her haters.

“Hey Adarsh .I very well know how to take care of people out there and do charity things .Posting and showing pictures is not the suitable way to deal things .If I do charity I really don’t wanna take out a loudspeaker and scream out to the world around.Yeh! I love animals.Poppo is the youngest one in our family.Its not just human beings in this world .Nature is so wide ! Eyes open ! 😇👻”

This was her reply to one of the sharp comment on her. She always have a great mind and we can wish to see her in more adorable roles in movies.

Poppo ♥️Our little ball of joy turned 1 today ! Happy birthday to you ♥️Love you ♥️♥️

Posted by Namitha Pramod on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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