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We all love sarees and we always find our self pretty in sarees. But we usually don’t wore saree even it is not an occasion. This is of course not applicable to those who have a dress code in work as saree. Any ways we do cherish the memories we have with the saree. The saree we bought with our first salary, the first saree we worn, the first gift as a saree and the person who gifted us all are few memories out of many. Though the designer sarees and kanchipuram sarees are worn occasionally, the place of it is always in our wardrobes. We try to buy new sarees because of the thought that the people will identify it with the last function. But with little care you can look unique with your old saree.

  • You can use the old saree with a contrast blouse or a designer one leaving you old matching blouse. This will entirely change your sarees style and make it feel like a new one. Blouse always plays an important role, so keep it in mind. It is always better you to buy a saree with blouse and also a contrast one matching to it. So you can use it later.

  • You can wear different ornaments to make it a distinguish look. Instead of wearing simple ornaments, try to wear heavy ornaments. All the attention will be on the ornaments and your saree will be used again.

  • The other option to make the saree look different is to wore it with different style. Its time to change the traditional way of draping saree. Change it the way you feel comfortable and classy. This way you can also raise the standard of your fashion statement in the public.

  • You can even design the saree into a gown or a dress if you really want to change the style.This is one of the best way to utilize your old saree to new style. It will bring out the best

Try these ways to make your old saree look more prettier. This will help you for sure.

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